Gun rights are human rights and must be defended as such. The Florida Constitution has provisions that prohibit anyone from keeping records of firearm purchases for privacy and security reasons. These provisions need to be broadened to include penalties for Federal agents who may try to unlawfully keep records that could be used to take away the rights of law abiding citizens.

Another overreaching step the Federal government is trying to take is banning certain high capacity magazines from public use. This causes a dangerous situation as it is well known how black markets thrive on prohibition and such items always end up in the hands of criminals. Banning citizens from using these magazines to protect themselves will create an unequal distribution of force that is tilted in the favor of law breakers.

Don't let the Feds tread on your right to keep and bear arms. We need to join together to fight back from those who would use records of gun sales and the banning of magazines for nefarious purposes.

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