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According to MADD, DUIs cost the US over $132bn per year and 10,497 people died in drunk driving crashes in 2016.

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    Chudnovsky Law is a criminal defense, DUI & immigration lawyer | CONTACT: Chudnovsky Law, 23…Read More

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Chudnovsky Law Campaign leader

This article reviews how non-US citizens such as permanent resident green card holders, H1-B highly skilled workers and international…Read More

Guide to Deportable Offenses: DUI, Green Card, Crime & Immigration

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DUI Arrest Causes Non-Immigrant Visas to be Revoked In November 2015, the US Department of State (DOS) enacted a policy authorizing consular officers to automatically revoke the nonimmigrant visas (such as H1B, F1, O1 and L1 visas) of individuals arrested for, or convicted of DUI, DWI, or similar alcohol-related crimes. The DOS has issued…Read More
Chudnovsky Law
Chudnovsky Law Campaign leader

In addition to the huge cost of DUI to society in death and injury, DUIs are extremely expensive for those convicted. Estimates range…Read More

Guide to California DUI Penalties, Consequences & Laws

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Non-US Citizen DUI Non-US citizens face all the penalties outlined above with the added complications of immigration related consequences. Recent rule changes are causing serious DUI immigration consequences for foreign nationals charged with a DUI or related offense if not handled properly. Foreign nationals charged with DUI should be…Read More