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Liam Cameron
Liam Cameron Campaign leader

This article is unique in the information it provides about the adaptions of a red panda, its purpose is to inform readers about these…Read More


        Red pandas have many adaptations.  First, they have an enlarged wrist bone located on each front paw, which serves as a "thumb."  This sixth digit or "thumb" is useful for feeding because it allows the pandas to grasp and hold bamboo tightly.  Red pandas also have large tails which are often used as a pillow and prevent heat…Read More
Liam Cameron
Liam Cameron Campaign leader

It is important for people to know why red pandas are endangered. This article is about the actions we make and how they lead to red…Read More

Why Are the Red Pandas Endangered?

Red pandas are tree-dwelling mammals native to the temperate forests of the Himalayas. Because of their interesting reddish fur, striped tails and expressive faces, they are very popular animals in their native Asia and have been featured in cartoons, as toys and as mascots. However, red pandas are also critically endangered. Human actions, such…Read More
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