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This article matters because it talks about the unavoidable risk to animal welfare of the slaughter, stress and distress they are put…Read More

How is the live export trade regulated? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

Exporting livestock for slaughter in foreign countries poses significant and unavoidable risks to animal welfare. These risks are inherent to the trade and include the stress and distress caused by loading ruminant grazing animals onto ships to be sent on long voyages and subjected to unfamiliar feed, extreme changes in climatic conditions, and…Read More

I chose this article because this it shows the passion that others have, to ban live exports. The article is about a community in South…Read More

Meat industry needs to be 'bolstered' as live export protests continue in SA

ABC News
Live export ban could harm rural communities, meat industry claims, as protests continue in SA Updated May 06, 2018 18:20:42 Serious investment and infrastructure would be needed to bolster Australia's meatworks if a live export ban was to be introduced, the industry has claimed, while about 500 people gathered in Adelaide to…Read More
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