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Sam Sullivan
Sam Sullivan Campaign leader

The second shark net trial did not work out and resulted in killing 143 non-targeted species. the purpose of this article is to show people…Read More

143 deaths: By-catch rates worse in second shark net trial

Northern Star
THE second shark net trial, which resulted in the death 143 non-targeted species, including four dolphins. Numbers have revealed the second trial had a higher percentage of by-catch than the first trial. Ballina's Deputy Mayor, Keith Williams, is urging residents to complete the NSW DPI on-line Survey on Shark Nets, and warned this will be the…Read More
Sam Sullivan
Sam Sullivan Campaign leader

This article is about how much bycatch there is just for the “protection of humans”. Reading this will make you understand how many…Read More

Shark net figures prompt rethink

ABC News
Shark net figures show massive amount of marine bycatch compared to smart drumlines Updated May 22, 2018 17:26:01 Data from a controversial two-stage trial of shark nets off the New South Wales north coast shows that 420 marine animals were caught, but only 11 were target species. The latest figures from a second meshing trial in…Read More
Sam Sullivan
Sam Sullivan Campaign leader

This article matters because it shows awareness that shark nets don’t work and are a false scenes of security. The article is about how…Read More

The truth about shark nets in New South Wales

Sea Shepherd Australia
Proof they only offer a false sense of security Ray caught in shark netShark nets within New South Wales have been known to authorities as only offering a false sense of security, as early as 1946 when the then Premier, William McKell stated that there were “quite valueless” going on to say that “if meshing alone were used, I fear it would prove…Read More
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