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jack Hawkins
jack Hawkins Campaign leader

This article matter because overfishing is the major crisis at the moment and Senegal is known badly for overfishing and in, in 2012 they…Read More

Overfished: In Senegal, empty nets lead to hunger and violence

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Instead, if all went according to plan, these teenagers and twentysomethings would work through the night and return with a decent haul. They’d each paid for their share of the gas to go out. But if the catch was good, they’d recoup that and more. It was a chance to earn much-needed cash — but it was also a gamble. They knew they were slipping…Read More
jack Hawkins
jack Hawkins Campaign leader

This article is very controversial because it talks about how the European fishers don't like the new fishing regulation that was put in…Read More

Mixed response to new North Sea fishing rules

Photo credit: Press Association MEPs have given a mixed response to a new EU multiannual plan designed to prevent overfishing in the North Sea. In a vote on Tuesday at the monthly plenary in Strasbourg, members voted on the trialogue outcome on the multiannual management plan for the North Sea.  While the common fisheries policy (CFP) sets an…Read More
jack Hawkins
jack Hawkins Campaign leader

This article matters a lot because this shows you just what overfishing has done to some specific species like the Pacific Bluefin tuna.…Read More

Pacific Bluefin Tuna Stock Remains Highly Depleted, New Science Shows

The Pacific bluefin tuna is one of the most valuable fish in the world, but the latest stock assessment finds that it remains heavily overfished. Ralph Pace This week, the scientists who evaluate the health of Pacific bluefin tuna, one of the most iconic and valuable fish species in the world, released a new stock assessment that shows the…Read More
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