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matt leehy
matt leehy Campaign leader

this article tells you why you should save the Sumatran tigers

Why Save Sumatran Tigers

Save Sumatran Tigers
Right now a really endangered animal is in danger of becoming extinct. It is the smallest of all living tigers. The Sumatran tiger. Their fluffy orange coat of fur with stripes of black. Soon are we really going to lose them? Are we really never going to see them again?  I’m here to tell you that you have to save them! It is found…Read More
matt leehy
matt leehy Campaign leader

This article gives facts about Sumatran tigers and will inform readers about the facts and statistics

Sumatran Tiger - Tiger Facts and Information

Sumatran Tiger – Panthera tigris sumatrae The Sumatran tiger, the rarest and smallest subspecies of all living tigers, faces a serious problem of survival in a condition full of threats. Despite this, it is the only species that survives in one of the islands of South Asia, as both the Bali tiger and the Javan tiger are already extinct. Order:…Read More
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