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kayd shepheard
kayd shepheard Campaign leader

This article tells us about them, their diet, the threats they face and gives information about their habitat.

Amur Leopard Facts | WildCats Conservation Alliance

WildCats Conservation Alliance
Habitat: Amur leopards live in the temperate forests of Far Eastern Russia, experiencing harsh winters with extreme cold and deep snow, as well as hot summers. Location: They are found in Southwest Primorye in the Russian Far East, and along the Russian border with Heilongjiang Province and Jilin Province in North East China. It is possible that…Read More
kayd shepheard
kayd shepheard Campaign leader

Sarah Gibbens goes out into the wild and watches over the Amur Leopard and gives us understanding of how it live and the struggles that…Read More

See One of the World's Rarest Cats Captured on Camera

See One of the World's Rarest Big Cats April 28, 2017 - See video of one of the world's rarest big cats. Camera traps in Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve, Russia, captured video of a mother Amur leopard and her two cubs. Amur leopards are critically endangered and it's estimated that less than 60 are left in the…Read More
kayd shepheard
kayd shepheard Campaign leader

This article is stating facts about the Amur leopard and gives you a good understanding of the leopard

How fast are Amur leopards? And 9 other Amur leopard facts

World Wildlife Fund
The Amur leopard, also known as the Far East leopard, is the world’s rarest big cat. A subspecies of the leopard, these animals are found in the forested transboundary region that spans the Russian Far East and China. They are critically endangered, and WWF works with local communities, regional authorities, government and other non-governmental…Read More
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