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Cody Dobson
Cody Dobson Campaign leader

People should read this article because it will teach them the lengths organ traffickers will go to get what they want even if it involves…Read More

Body Snatchers: Organ Harvesting For Profit

Psychology Today
Recently in China, a missing 6-year-old boy was found alone in a field, crying. Upon closer inspection, both eyes had been removed, presumably for the corneas. In 2012, a young African girl was kidnapped and brought to the UK for the sole purpose of harvesting her organs. She was one of the lucky ones—rescued before she went under the knife.…Read More
Cody Dobson
Cody Dobson Campaign leader

The purpose of this article is to explain to you what fuels the organ trade. In many areas it is due to the shortage of organs for…Read More

Analysis | Organ traffickers lock up people to harvest their kidneys. Here are the politics behind the organ trade.

Washington Post
Pakistani police recently raided an apartment near the capital Islamabad and released 24 people who were locked inside. Brought and held there through deception and threats, the terrified men and women were waiting to be taken to a clinic to have a kidney removed — unwilling participants in a global phenomenon known as organ trafficking. Here are…Read More
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