The Middle Tennessee Museum of Natural History, a 501c3 nonprofit corporation is planning a new museum in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  There currently is no museum of natural history in the middle Tennessee area.  The museum will contain displays from all over the world but we are especially excited to be able to display minerals and fossils from Tennessee.  The museum will have a large display (possibly the largest anywhere) of minerals from the world famous Elmwood mine in Carthage, TN.  Mineral collectors everywhere know of the mine's large fluorite and calcite crystals.  We have displays from the Gray fossil site in East Tennessee, dinosaur age fossils from the Coon Creek formation of west Tennessee and ice age fossils from middle Tennessee.  In the past, ice age skeletons found in Tennessee have ended up in museums in other states.

One of the highlights of the new museum will be a working paleontology laboratory where visitors will see real dinosaur bones being worked on.   The museum has a T-rex leg and is working to acquire 2 full T-rex cast skeletons (each nearly 40 feet long) and a 137 foot long seismosaurus cast (one of the biggest dinosaurs that ever lived).  With your help we can have the Smithsonian of the south, one of the top natural history museums in the country.

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