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Zac  Wiese
Zac Wiese Campaign leader

this one tell us about the threat that we are putting on the ocean and all the species.

Getting serious about overfishing

The Economist
EVEN the names at Sutton Harbour give it away. While the pleasure boats, including Windfall and Felicity, gleam in the sunshine, the light warms rust on the decks of craft such as Pisces. The fishing industry is struggling to stay afloat in Plymouth, a port in Devon. Locals grumble about regulation, fuel costs and the dearth of crew. Revenues are…Read More
Zac  Wiese
Zac Wiese Campaign leader

this article talks about the size limit on fish and what fish you can take and what fish you can't

Overfishing News, Research and Analysis - The Conversation

The Conversation
Waste not, want not. Benjamin Jones February 23, 2018 Benjamin L. Jones, Cardiff University; Leanne Cullen-Unsworth, Cardiff University, and Richard K.F. Unsworth, Swansea University Artisanal fishers in Sri Lanka are throwing away more marine species than they keep. Villagers enjoying the evening…Read More
Zac  Wiese
Zac Wiese Campaign leader

this article matters because it is telling us how urgent it is to make a step closer to having less deep sea fishing trawlers

Overfishing is as big a threat to humanity as it is to our oceans | Dermot O'Gorman

the Guardian
There has never been a more urgent time for seafood businesses and fishing nations to make a commitment to sustainability. The world’s oceans are in trouble, with marine life plummeting and the people who are dependent on the sea for income and food left increasingly vulnerable. Data shows populations of fish and other marine vertebrates,…Read More
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