rainforests left in the world and that would affect the weather by making it hotter and likely making earth hard to live longer on earth. we remove about one and a half acres of forest cut  down every second          

There is about  25% of cancers fighting organisms are found in the Amazon and Trees are important constituents of the ecosystem by absorbing carbon and making that back in to air for us the breath in. We will lose many animals and plants types as many species of animals live solely in the Amazon. the loss of animals and plants types.that are  Home to the Amazon only 

My campaign goal is Stop the amazon clearing-protect vulnerable I believe it is important because the Amazon is home to so many and vulnerable species of animals and plants that depend on the Amazon to stay alive.as the Amazon covers 30% of the land on earth

The Amazon is home to such a diverse ecosystem and vulnerable species as we have already  lost Tasmanian tiger, West African black rhinoceros, Caribbean monk seal because of deforestation 

Environmental benefits of rainforest in many ways such as Rainforest trees draw water from the forest floor and release it back into the atmosphere in the form of swirling mists and clouds Environmental damage/ harm caused by land clearing and unsustainable agriculture. The Amazon holds over one-third of carbon that's about 86 billion tonnes of CO2

Over the time rainforestation play the big part in the world as they do and help in many different ways the two most important ones are carbon dioxide and the weather

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