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Poverty, the way people see it
is dying starving children in Africa, over population, world hunger etc… yes this is true and we need to make change but what about in our own country?

My goal is to make people have a different perspective to global poverty, and with the help of Ban Ki-moon really try and push for change and make people in poverty better off, by proving facts of what’s really happening behind the scenes in our everyday life’s.  

The campaign is self-explanatory as to why it’s important, I am trying to bring awareness to poverty and lower the global statistics of 3.5 billion people that are living in it.

Fact 1. Just over 3.5 billion
people are living in extreme poverty and are making less than $2.50 per day.

Fact 2. 1 billion children are living in poverty

Fact 3. 842,000 people each year die of unsafe drinking water

Fact 4. Poverty is one of the biggest causes of depression

Fact 5. 730,000 children in Australia are living in poverty

Fact 6. 1 in 4 Australians apply for homeless services

Fact 7. Every year, developing countries are robbed of more than $1 trillion that could fight poverty, disease and hunger.

Fact 8. Less than 1 percent of the US budget goes to fighting extreme poverty.

Fact 9. The gap between the rich and the poor expanding

Fact10. 2.1 million people are living in poverty

One of the biggest changes that
is needed is in third world countries is an education for children living in very bad poverty/ villages were an education and learning is not seen as an everyday essential,

one of the other things that needs to be looked at is the fact that children in America, Australia wherever it may be are actually going through a really hard time and if you take the time to actually take into consideration what is going through a child’s head especially when they get older thing like depression and the lack of self-worth are very large contributors to suicide.

And lastly one of the biggest things we let slip under our noses is that the reason why the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer is actually because of taxes, yes the rich do pay taxes but since the late 1990s people of high wealth have been paying less tax and of course the government improvises by increase the average house hold tax putting more pressure on those making an average income, hence the gap between the rich and the poor is growing and we are starting to see less of a middle class bracket in statistics

Education is a big problem in
third world and developing countries.

there is a lack of education which is a big problem in third world and developing countries, as most families do not have work and survive of the land, which means there children are not leaning and getting even a basic education. On the other countries like Australia the schooling system is set up where you can send your kids to school for free but have to buy text books and clothing essentials.

Looking at statistics and what united nations and other non-profit organisations are doing to help it is clear to see there is a problem and it needs to be resolved. 

At the end of the day without an education a country/ nation cannot thrive and become stronger as there is no foundation or quite literally an (education), which is why children that are living in these conditions don’t see a brighter future and look at their parents on only see themselves being brought into a life which is out of their control. Which unfortunately leads to metal unwell being and cause things like anxiety and depression.

Another very large problem is
what children and teenagers go through being raised in a home with less than their friends and most of society.

Children and teenagers that a raised in poverty tend to see themselves us much less than everyone else (trash, unwanted, useless) which is unfair to say the very least. But what else we don’t see is that some of these children (in Australia) go to school and then come home not knowing if they’ll have dinner tonight as they cannot afford to eat, then go out and work until 8,,9,10 o clock at night just to try and help provide for their family.

Statistics go to prove that 2.1 million Australians are living in poverty, which just go to show those that have families and are struggling just how hard it is for them, and if you want the stats you can find them anywhere, Anglicare, ACOSS which show just how bad it really is.

Which unfortunately is because of many contributors but one most people don’t often acknowledge is the gap between the rich and middle classes taxes.

There is an increasing gap
between the rich and poor,

 What you may ask? Well since the 1990s looking back on tax files an records the percentage and amount of tax being paid by the rich and more wealthy has dramatically decreased to the point now where we are starting to see that the average house hold is struggling to pay bills and provided for their families as the taxes have actually been almost somewhat switched around where the poor are actually starting to pay for more of those taxes the rich are not. 

Evidence goes to prove that looking at statistics there is now more poor-rich rather than poor-middle class- rich. Which can be seen on the government’s taxations website.

Which just goes to really prove because of how taxes have been switched around and the rich are paying less, makes the rich-richer and the poor-poorer

For a real change to be made
ban Ki-moon needs to support this campaign and strive for a real change to be made. Another thing this campaign needs is for people to get on board and make push for a difference to be made.

And may I remind you not just as to why this campaign is so god dam important, were talking about lives, peoples wellbeing, families that can’t afford to even get by like put yourself in someone’s shoes who have close to nothing and the emotional disappear these adults and children go through. So let’s not acknowledge poverty is a problem but be a part of the backbone that supports bringing an end to it and truly making a difference in someone else’s life, and give back to the community, and children that make our future.

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