people need to watch this video because it shows them how big of a global issue overfishing is.

The story behind the photo is that the water has been poison to catch the fish.

reduce overfishing

The story behind the photo is that it’s not just fish getting effected by fisherman’s practices.

reduce overfishing

This article matters because it is about the shrimp trawlers destroying the reefs and ocean floor.

Josh Frydenberg - Coalition's management plans will ensure marine park survival

Australia has the second largest marine protected area in the world, just behind the United States. Some 3.3 million square kilometres in size, it is a wondrous marine habitat that is at the heart of our biodiversity and healthy ecosystem. Now, after more than three years of consultation, an independent scientific review, public forums around the…Read More

the nets the fisherman use to catch the spice they want, end up catching everything else in its path and it doesn’t madder if it’s not the…Read More

reduce overfishing