I want to…  Cut back global plastic in our oceans 20% by 2020. Plastic pollution is a problem because it is killing our sea animals and it also has a massive effect on our oceans environment. 

>Humans are at risk from plastic pollution >Hundreds upon thousands of sea animals are getting killed every year from pollution. >And our oceans environment is also at risk from plastic pollution such as coral reefs. My campaign goal is vital because plastic pollution is not only killing our sea animals and our ocean but it's also killing us as well, because of the toxins and microplastics that are in the water, not only that but if we do decide to do nothing then we won’t have an ocean for much longer it will become a sea of garbage. Sea animals are dying from plastic pollution in our ocean. 88% of our ocean is affected by plastic trash floating in our ocean which causes over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals to be killed by plastic pollution every year. Our oceans water is already 88% affected with plastic pollution, who knows what could happen in a couple of years time, that number could double or even triple the percentage, point is that all sea animals are at risk and we have to do something soon before their all gone.

Humans are at risk from plastic pollution. Humans are at a risk as well from ocean pollution. The reasoning for this is because fish eat microplastics found in the ocean and when the fish eat these microplastics the break down inside of the fish which releases toxins and chemicals in the fish's immune system. Now when we eat these fish the toxins inside of them are released into our systems which can be very harmful to humans. Scientists fear that chemicals in plastics and also chemicals which attach themselves to plastic in the natural environment could cause poisoning, infertility and genetic disruption in marine life, and potentially in humans if ingested in high quantities. The presence of microplastic in foodstuffs could potentially increase direct exposure of plastic-associated chemicals to humans and may present an attributable risk to human health.

Our earth is dying due to plastic pollution in our oceans.

Ocean pollution is not only killing our animals it’s also killing and destroying our beautiful and magnificent coral reefs. The way it kills our coral reefs is by plastic either sticking to the reef branches and when a wave comes by its snapping of the branches. It also is killing the reef by breaking down over many years which creates toxins in the water which is poisonous to the coral.  Millions of tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean every year. And the trash stays there: Whether it's grocery bags or water bottles or kids' toys, plastic is practically indestructible. Now marine scientists have discovered that it's killing coral reefs. A new study based on four years of diving on 159 reefs in the Pacific shows that reefs in four countries Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar are heavily contaminated with plastic. It clings to the coral, especially branching coral. And where it clings, it sickens or kills. "The likelihood of disease increases from 4 percent to 89 percent when corals are in contact with plastic. Oil spills and debris can cause algae to form more rapidly, which will prevent the sunlight from reaching marine plants and affects the photosynthesis process. Coral reefs are losing its beauties because of ocean pollution and so its value will also come down.

I want to…  Cut back global plastic in our oceans 20% by 2020. The way we can help do this is by using reusable bags that can be bought for a few cents at supermarkets. Ocean Pollution is one of the worst things that is currently killing our world and our animals. If we don't do something soon to cut back ocean pollution there will be nothing we can do in the future and if it's too late then we will just watch our world die from the pollution.
88% of our ocean is affected by plastic trash floating in our ocean. Over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals are killed by pollution every year and if we don’t act soon there won’t be anything left to save we won't even be able to save ourselves from plastic pollution and eventually we will have nowhere to go our world will overfill and all that will be left is a land full of plastic.

The time to act is now we can't wait any longer we must do something for not only ourselves but for all living things, we must put ocean pollution to an end because if we don't, soon there will be nothing we can do at all. 

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