The Great Barrier Reef is one

of the seven natural wonders of the world on the north-east coast of Australia. The reef is currently experiencing harmful damage from global warming and humans. The fishing on the Great Barrier Reef is affecting the population of the life on the reef. Coral bleaching, which is killing the reef, is occurring because of the global warming.

I want to reduce the harm being done to the Great Barrier Reef. If we don’t stop the damage the reef will die.

The recent events happening to the “Great Barrier Reef” are coral bleaching and overfishing. Coral bleaching is caused by global warming. Global warming is caused by the greenhouse gases and other kinds of pollution. Over fishing is another negative on the Great Barrier Reef, by stopping the fishing on the reef we can save species from disappearing on the great barrier reef. Tourism is also another worry for them, if the reef dies then the tourism dies off, causing our economy to lose tourists and money.

Change is needed immediately for the Great Barrier Reef, as it is almost dead. Change is needed because, fishing is having a significant impact on the fish populations of the great barrier reef. The damage to this diverse and complex ecosystem is suffering coral bleaching which is getting worse. If the reef dies it can cost our economy lots of money

Fishing is having a significant impact on the fish populations of The Great Barrier Reef. Overfishing the Great Barrier Reef is reducing the amount of fish upon it. Especially target fish for fishermen such as coral trout, snapper and cod. These predator fish are soon to be endangered. As the numbers reduce of the predator fish the eco system will not work as the predators have disappeared. Predators are the reason why the marine life ecosystem is the way it is, with a perfect balance in the food chain if one predatory fish was to disappear a new predator can arrive and put the ecosystem out of balance The numbers of predator fish on the reef has dropped by 40%

Coral bleaching is effecting the great barrier reef in a mass path of destruction. Global warming and pollution is tearing the reef apart. This means the great barrier reef will die, the complex diverse natural wonder of the world will be gone forever. Most notably, the earth’s climate system is unequivocally warming, and it is extremely likely at least 95% percent probability that these changes are in a large part are results of human activities

If the Great Barrier Reef dies it can cost to our economy lots of money. Tourists flock to the north-east coast of Australia for this natural wonder of the world, The economy is making lots of money from the tourists, if the reef dies studies show that we could lose up to 1 billion dollars.

In order for things to change the word needs to be spread and actions need to be done, stopping fishing and heavily reducing local run off and greenhouse gases must be done. Actions need to be taken immediately otherwise the Great Barrier Reef will be no longer alive.

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