Global slavery is still an issue in today’s society. It Is a form of human

trafficking.  I want to help the victims of global slavery and human exploitation.

 So many people’s lives are being ruined by this horrific trade

More than 35 million people around the world are trapped in a modern
form of slavery, according to a report highlighting the prevalence of forced labour, human trafficking, forced marriages, debt bondage and commercial sexual exploitation. One in five of those victims are the most vulnerable among us: boys and girls, separated from their families and forced into prostitution, or labour that makes use of their small hands, like sewing or untangling fishing wire.

is needed because global slavery is tearing people’s families, a lot of children are being forced to spend their whole life working in a factory for free and this is against the human rights act, and victims of slavery need to be helped when they are able to escape.

people have their families torn apart by slavery, many children are being taken away from there family’s at a young age that are promised a good life but then get forced into labour for free for most of their life. Men are forced to work in factories and abroad ships. And 70% of all people being enslaved are women and mothers forced into prostitution. "We know that in Cambodia, three out of four children in orphanages still have a parent alive. Many of them don't need to be there but we've created this 'orphanage economy' which is forcing parents living in poverty to rip their families apart, causing that intergenerational trauma." This just shows many mother are taken and their children forced in orphanages at young ages because of slaver.Many

young children are being forced to spend their whole life working in a factory and other places for free and this is against the human rights act of abuse. A 15-year-old girl was brought to France from Togo by ‘Mrs D’, who paid for her journey but then confiscated her passport. It was agreed that the girl would work for Mrs D until she had paid back her air fare, but after a few months she was ‘lent’ to another couple. They forced her to work 15 hours a day, seven days a week with no pay, no holidays, no identity documents and without authorisation of her immigration status. article 4 of the human rights act states that no one is to be forced into compulsory labour for free. This is just one story a girl forced to work for free.

lot of big business and chains are exploiting the system saving a lot of money under paying children or forcing them for free. Over 1.8 million children are working in west African cocoa farms working endless hours to collect cocoa to be ship and sold overseas, many workers under the age of 16 for the most part are surrounded by harmful and dangerous toxic fumes that have been lethal in the past and being paid extremely less than minimum wage. There was case where workers worked 105 hours a week making Victoria secret bikinis and only being paid $0.04 per bikini that was made. This is just some reasons and some cases of business exploiting people that are just trying to make a living.

order to make a change for global slavery we need to help enforce the human right acts and make them more strict so people being under payed

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