I am asking every person who believes in Human Rights to help me make this campaign reach to the governments of countries that have imposed economic sanctions on Syria.

I think it is very unfair to ban us from using any electronic payment method and most Importantly PayPal. As a student it would help me a lot to work as an online Freelancer to earn some money for my own, but I can't do that because there is no way to withdraw the earned money. Another example is not being able to buy anything from Amazon, eBay or any website! I can't even get the paid version of any application! This is so unfair! Stop killing our dreams and punishing us for nothing!  What have Syrians done to you to treat us like this and ban us from everything in this world!? I think the war in Syria have killed our souls enough from 2011 till now.. Seven years..! So please stop killing each and every hope and ambition we have.

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