The purpose of this cause is to give rise to the countless poets that have been manipulated, lied too and taken advantage of our intellectual property by a popular poetry website that is completely and utterly unaccountable.

According to their own website's banner they indicate the following: 7 million poets will review your poem, get reviewed in 60 minutes or less, win award pins when certain levels are reached and finally under new management. So far none of these items is factual with the exception, possibly, of the new management. years past was accused of being a scam thus forcing this new management into existence. They would send out promotions that your poems were selected to be published, if you pay for the book that they were publishing your poem in that you supposedly won in their contest. Sadly it appears this may have all been a rouse, for their scams continue, this time completely under hidden or camouflaged identity.

The reasons why we now take issue regarding is such, we have all expended a great deal of time and energy gaining points, reading and writing poetry, writing comments and reviews and took the art seriously on our end, the user, the participant, the author. The responsibility of that of the owner as stated within their guidelines, rules and regulations had specific and certain obligatory duties to adhere too and maintain. This within their structure of their own website performed a disservice and in turn made mockery of our intents as poets to hold our art near and dear to our hearts.

Just because we write and share our poetry does not mean that we are weak enough to condone the corrupt and false advertisements that this website apparently promised us all. For us to protect this art that we love so much we must now all stand together and take charge in letting those know that own and operate this website that this sleeping dragon has awaken.

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