FACTR is a multi-cultural service, research and training center for the benefit of immigrant families experiencing stress in their new environment. The center has an intergenerational focus.

This weekend FACTR launched its Keeping Families United Deportation Trauma project on behalf of undocumented immigrants facing the potential hardship of deportation that threatens to tear their families apart. It is a forensic hardship and mitigation evaluation project on behalf of undocumented immigrants under the threat of deportation. Help us develop our forensic services and related counseling for these families, who are fearful, depressed and often quite traumatized by their circumstances. Help us help them. donate athttp://factr.org/donate/Karita Hummer, LCSWFACTR, President and Clinical Director

This donation will enable FACTR to provide scholarships for forensic mitigation and hardship psychosocial evaluations by mental health clinicians and for related counseling services to families experiencing trauma due to the threat of deportation.

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