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Declaratia Oficiala A Guvernului Roman In Legatura Cu Secuii

In 2013 Hungarian in Transylvania largest indigenous community in Europe without autonomy. More than 1224937 Hungarian can't use their native language only in a limited extent in proportion to their number. They have no autonomous state university with higher education in the Hungarian language, they are politically exposed and central government disregard the historical border of the areas with the majority Hungarian population. Transylvania is the largest region in Europe without autonomy. But what is autonomy? The ethnal national communities have the own parliament and government, fiscal policy, multilingual administration, system of education and they can use their national symbols and native language in the justice system and sanitation. During the past decades the country has became a centralised nation state. The aim of which the country culturally and religiously have modernised and economically oppress Hungarian, German and Roma people as well as several others ethno-national groups who leaved there. The fact Romania has been a democratic states since 1989 and the member of EU since 2007 have not brought any major changes. How this work in rest of Europe? 17.700.000 citizens belonging to various minority groups, enjoy some kind of specific autonomy in Europe. Why is so hard for Romania to give autonomy its minorities as member of EU? All the Dacian man (200.000) were drag as a slaver to Palestinia and they never could came back, it is written many books and carved in the coloumn of Traianus in Rome and the menatime Romanian (original nation name is Wlach) were leaving next to Albania. That is why there are many relative words with Alban. I think it is ok, just I don't understand why was created a fake history that is unknow rest of the world, nowhere was written by historical people centuries ago, but this fake history, unfortunatelly, used as a reason to oppress and hate all Romanian minorities and used to mislead Romanian p. when there is a politican scandal or economy crisis. That is why Romania still belong to Balkan and rest of EU affraid to let R. enter into the Schengen border.

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