Szekelyland currently, it is populated by 808,739 people, of whom 609,249 (75.33%) are Szekely's and 175,787 (21.73%) are Romanians. We, the szekely's, having always constituted the vast majority here, are devoted to our centuries old auto- determination traditions. The first official reference to the Szekelyland region's self- determination dates back to the year 1200 in the written documents. This self- determination was in effect throughout most of our history, but has not been recognized since Transylvania became part of Romania following World War I. The Szekelyland has the right to be acknowledged in the integration process as an autonomous region, its citizens to become the citizens of a united Europe with full and real equality. The autonomy of the Szekelyland does not affect Romania's territorial integrity and national sovereignty. The regional self-governance is in accordance with the principle of self-determination of national communities within a state. We are convinced that the Szekelyland's self- determination, the recognition of the additional authority serves the protection of the Hungarian national community's life in the self-governing regions. We ask the Romanian Government to proclaim the szekely people as native population in Romania with a majority status in the teritory named Szekelyland. Also we the Szekely's World Organization would like an investigation regarding Uniunea Democratica a Maghiarilor din Romania(UDMR) on the basis of NOT representing the szekely people's interests in Romania further more make the aboved named party illegal in Romania.


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