I have swum with dolphins in the Bahamas. They are sentient beings and their worthless slaughter in the name of tradition has no validity in this age

It's barbaric and needless.

Its totally barbaric and isnt necessary and never should be.

C'est tout simplement INHUMAIN , CRUEL , MONSTRUEUX , SCANDALEUX , IGNOBLES etc...etc... les adjectifs sont trop nombreux ! EN TOUS LES CAS .... CA ME REVOLTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! je suis ecoeuree de "ces humains" !!!!

Our Oceans only survive because of the existence of our Marine Wildlife. They are the #Lifeblood of our aquatic world. We ground bound humans derive over 50% of our much needed oxygen as a byproduct of our seas. If we do not preserve and protect all Marine Wildlife we will soon find ourselves…Read More

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