Dolphins and whales are so gentle and deserve to be left alone to bring up their young .

Because we treat whales like the Nazis treated Jews. Kill them and use whatever they have. This may sound dramatic but if you think about these sentient and intelligent creatures you will start to see the point. Whales are not that different from us.

That is the most foul display I have ever witnessed. The enormous pain and cruelty you impose on the peaceful, gentle creatures is immeasurable.

I never knew of such barbarity until I witnessed this horrible attrocity. You should hang your heads in shame, and never procreate. You are a foul…Read More

they need to stop killing whales and dolphins they r innocent i luv animals i could people do this

Lots of people dont understand the role Dolphins and Whales play in our ecosystem.They are an important part of the food chain and without them the balance will quicky shift..and that could mean dire consequences for other sea life.We need to STOP this merciless killing ,and now !!!

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