THIS CAMPAIGN IS ADDRESSED TO: HIS EXCELLENCY THE RIGHT HONOURABLE DAVID JOHNSTON AND MRS SHARON JOHNSTON, THE GOVERNOR GENERAL OF CANANDA..RIDEAU HALL, 1 SUSSEX DRIVE, OTTAWA, ONTARIO, K1A OA1, CANANDA. TOLL FREE NUMBER: 1800 465 6890...This Campaign is very important, not just to me, but for the future survival of these magnificent Bears. We must ask the question, what sort of Sociopath would want to hunt down these beautiful Bears, and kill them? It is " our World" and we have the right to say,"NO" to these sorts of Murderers. How terribly cruel and inhumane is this..Do we want to live in a World where Men can take their guns and shoot anything they wish..It is not theirs to take..The owners of this Hunting Lodge, Dale and Debra McKinnon are only in it for the money, and it's a lot of money, thousands of dollars for a kill.The sad part is, when I looked up the Lodge they were pretty much booked out, that's a lot of killing of these poor Bears, with a heart, family and feelings, a soul, a living being..WE MUST BE THEIR VOICE.. AS THEY HAVE NO VOICE AT ALL.Join me now and lets get this stopped as soon as possible..If you wish, you can contact them by email, and let them know your feelings, [email protected] ..Or if you wish to write to them @ Dale and Debra McKinnon, PO Box 600, Lac La Biche, Alberta Canada, TOA 2CO..Or call them in person and tell them how you feel about [email protected] 780 623 3040 or Fax 780 623 3040....I thank you so much for your support, on this very important Campaign..Blessings of Love, Peace and Light to you all..

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