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Naples News Covering the Story

VIDEO: Bear caught napping on lanai in North Naples

Naples Daily News
UPDATE: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials think the bear was just looking for dry land, but it's alarming he spent this much time with humans and they'll have to put the bear down. A black bear was found napping on a lanai in the Olde Cypress community of North Naples on Wednesday afternoon. Alice MacDonough was out…Read More
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Article from ABC News covering the story.

Bear Caught Napping on Florida Family's Lanai

ABC News Blogs
Aug 15, 2013 12:11pm A family in Naples, Fla., had an unexpected lunchtime visitor Wednesday in the form of a black bear. The bear did not stop by the home of Alice MacDonough to eat, however, but just to take a nap, in their lanai. MacDonough, who could not be reached today by ABCNews.com, was reportedly out to lunch when she received text…Read More