Update on August 31, 2013

  • Update #7

Nearly nine months after 23-year-old Nirbhaya's death, the Juvenile Justice Board has pronounced the juvenile guilty of rape and murder. He will be sent to a correctional home for 3 years. The sentence has sparked a lot of public outrage an eventual lowering…Read More

Update on August 26, 2013

  • Update #6

On August 22nd, a journalist and a male colleague left their magazine office in Mumbai for an assignment around 5 pm. "My colleague and I were looking for an entry when two men (who are among the five suspects) guided us. They left us and went inside the…Read More

Update on August 12, 2013

  • Update #5

IMPORTANT: The Supreme Court refused, in spite of many petitions and mails, to reduce the age of juvenile from 18 to 16 years and dismissed a plea that minors involved in heinous crimes should not be protected under juvenile law. The petition was…Read More

Update on April 20, 2013

  • Update #4

How do we protect children from sex-offenders and predators? Two days ago, in Delhi, a five-year-old child has been found in a critical state in a flat by her family members. The young victim had been kidnapped, repeatedly raped, tortured and kept hostage…Read More

Update on March 08, 2013

  • Update #3

97% of sex crime victims are women and small children are rapidly becoming easy targets.  On INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY raise your voice and show your support. Spread the word and let us be united in our fight!

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