This campaign began in December 2012, following Nirbhaya's gang-rape and murder. Crimes against women have been increasingly happening in India. According to the National Crimes Record Bureau, rape cases have increased by 873% in thirty years, while conviction rates are stagnating. More details here. Why has this been happening? Experts agree on two reasons:

  • A lack of respect for women and more generally a deterioration of social values
  • An ineffective judiciary system that seldom arrests sex offenders and punishes them accordingly

This situation can longer be tolerated. I believe it is because it has been tolerated  for so long that a few days ago we had to loose a young 23-year-old woman in horrific circumstances. This crime has shaken Indian society and collective consciousness. It is high time everyone contributes for change. I do it every way I can and also by creating this campaign. I invite you to do what you can by signing this petition and being a part of the change.

What do we ask for in this petition?

  • Severe punishment for sex offenders: Life imprisonment I Non-bailable I No mercy I No appeal
  • Speedy justice for victims: Fast-track courts I Dignified inquiries I Psychological counselling and following I Nonobligatory presence during trials
  • Better prevention: More police patrols I More awareness campaigns I Special course in schools 

I pledge to forward this petition to all the concerned authorities, including the Supreme Court of India and the Home Minister.

Show your support I Say no to a weak judiciary system I Say yes to change I Contribute I Sign I Share.

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