We are all potential victims of senseless gun violence and fatality due to the needless and dangerous access and availability of specific assault weapons capable of massive loss of life. We can continue to uphold and preserve the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms while simultaneously providing for a significant decrease in the number of gun-related deaths in our country through the implementation of a few specific changes pertaining to acquisition of firearms, the banning of assault weapons, and by the implementation of simple, cost effective, technological devices which provide advanced warning of gun presence and eminent gun threat on school campuses (and potentially other public buildings if so adopted) . This proposed act will provide for a significant increase in security for schools, as well as any public place of business such as theatres, restaurants, malls, etc. The statistics on gun related fatalities, particularly those involving assault weapons, show a dramatic increase while adequate public safety measures to protect against such violence simply does not exist. The safety and peace of mind of our children, families, friends and fellow citizens is at stake. As this act does not infringe on any individual's basic constitutional right under the 2nd amendment, there is no reason not to support this act which provides increased safety and protection to us all. Let each of us do our part and participate in making a difference so that the horrific massacres of innocent men, women and children such as those committed at Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook Elementary may be recorded in history as the tragic yet pivotal events which brought about positive change thus providing a safer world for us all. Let your voice be heard. You CAN make a difference. These massacres are occurring with more frequency. Will you be the next victim? Will your children? The parents of Sandy Hook Elementary never thought their children would be the next target of such violence. Join us in saving lives.

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