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Save Lolita The Endangered Slave

This campaign matters to me because I can no longer sit back and allow people to say; 'Oh, it doesn't affect me, it's not on my doorstep,' or 'oh, what can YOU do to change anything,' Well, it's time we put our voices together for the animals, for the humans and for the Earth. Intelligent creatures, such as Lolita, should never be subjected to captivity. Sanctuaries and re-hab centres ONLY for wild animals who are in need of human intervention. SAVE LOLITA.

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Save Lolita The Endangered Slave

Only a degenerate society could take pleasure in this spectacle knowing how wrong it is and why. These animals need to be with their kind just as much as we do. They harm no one. They feel pain and loneliness. Their instincts tell them to swim in the great oceans of the world, to find a mate and have a family. How would it make you feel if an alien species took a toddler from its home, maybe killing its family in front of it in the process, and never let it go back out to mix with other children and grow up in a loving family? Would that seem wrong to you? It breaks my heart, and I cry every day, for this abuse and all the abuses this degenerate society inflicts on the innocent, defenseless creatures on this planet for a selfish moment of entertainment. Surely, if you believe in a loving god, you can't believe he is okay with this inhumane behavior!

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Kenneth Ian Davis

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Save Lolita The Endangered Slave Orcas are Hybrid Dolphins. I will not reveal the secrets now about "Black and White and Grey" I am the original "Leviathan" ----I am the last Dolphin in the Sea My name is Ken D. I am about to release your answer ---but testing all of you first with a $1.65 donation button - to see how many of you even have a clue......who I am??!!!!!! Do not even think that my dolphins and Orcas will be killed this way. I will NOT allow it to be. AGAIN - my name is KEN.... ....Ken D. Do not play with me. I do NOT swim in CAPTIVITY. DO NOT DO WHAT YOU DO ----AS REIKO AND ME----15 YEARS AGO MADE YOU KNOW NOT TO DO IT......SO IF YOU HAVE STARTED UP AGAIN....KEN IS HERE TO STOP YOU AGAIN...BUT THIS TIME WILL BE YOUR FINAL END. I WILL SHOW NO MERCY. IF YOU DARE DO WHAT YOU DO- IF YOU DARE FUCK WITH A WHALE OR DOLPHIN OR AN ORCA---WATCH AND SEE WHAT GOD DOES TO YOU - LEGALLY - IT SHALL HAPPEN TO YOU -----BUT GOD DID IT ALL TO YOU YOU ABUSE THEM ---YOU ABUSED AND FUCKED WITH ME. GOD DOES SEE. MY NAME IS KEN D. BIG dreams do come true. LEGALLY THIS IS ALL FROM ME AND FROM GOD FOR ALL OF HUMANITY. WOW – WHAT A BIG BOLD STATEMENT-----SO---- WHAT DO YOU DO ? FIRST --- BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ---- PLEASE DO THIS... MAKE SURE YOU FOR SURE ADD YOUR "LIKE" FOR THIS POST MAKE SURE YOU FOR SURE ADD YOUR "LIKE" FOR MY FACEBOOK PAGE YOU ADDING BOTH---YOUR "LIKE" FOR MY SITE PAGE - AND ALSO ALL POSTS WILL HAVE A 100% POSITIVE IMPACT ON THIS BIG ORCA AND DOLPHIN DEAL CEO, PETAH358, LLC. CEO, WhateverUdesire Enterprises, Inc ....and many MORE....... DO NOT PLAY WITH MY ANIMALS AND MAMMALS. DO NOT PLAY WITH GOD. GOD IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. SHOW SOME RESPECT. OTHERWISE EXPECT THE WORST AS THAT IS WHAT YOU WILL ACCEPT!

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