Update on December 17, 2012

  • Update #3

Ann Raiser- Thanks for the post! VERY MUCH NEEDED. GREAT READ. here is an excert from one amazing speech given to congress after Columbine from Rachel Joy Scotts father: Your laws ignore our deepest needs, Your words are empty air. You've stripped away…Read More

Update on December 16, 2012

  • Update #2

Yes he did shoot his way in, however, would he have thought twice about it if there were two armed guards or armed administration or something of that sort? Just because it can happen doesnt mean we shouldnt do everything we can to prevent it! Our kids are…Read More

Update on December 15, 2012

  • Update #1

PLEASE READ!!! Let's be clear... This petition is not literally saying to put metal detectors and double doors... There are many options. That's why I tried to be vague and not too specific. I believe in opinions. And there are many and I'm sure many are…Read More