There have been at least 18 mass shootings at schools since 1966. How many school shootings of all ages have to occur before the government protects our children? Majority of children use the public school system. Parents have the right to be involved in their child's education also, even if they attend a public school. Why are these people continuously able to get into a school with a weapon? Why hasn't this problem been fixed. To protect our children in this nation, we need extra security. We don't need parents to be restricted from school premises, they have a right to be there since their kids are there. That would be like a prison, not a place of education. We DO need added, locked, double doors inside the school that prevents anyone from getting past the office area without permission. I have never liked metal detectors, but why not put some outside the doors of schools to make sure nobody that can possibly be a threat can bring in a weapon of any kind, not even to the front office area. Whatever we do, it needs to be done quickly. Sign this if you want your children to have a quality education in a SAFE environment.

Here is the list of past school shootings since 1966:

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