Pet Rescues and Animal Shelters are using inefficient fundraiser models designed back in the 19th Century.  Despite advances in technology and communications, too many still basically depend on asking for donations even as the economy is shrinking.

We're Vinny The Pug, the creators of proactive Fundraisers designed expressly for the 21st Century.  On September 7th we will kick off a 30-day $100,000 fundraiser to divide among participating rescues and shelters.  If we successfully reach our goal, each rescue and shelter will receive a check for $1,000, or a lesser sum if the goal is not met.  The participants will automatically become enrolled in our 1-year Pet Rescue Fundraiser University during which the will learn all about totally new Fundraiser models and take part mass campaigns such as this one. 

Visit the 1st Annual $100,000 Pet Rescue and Animal Shelter Fundraiser Here

OUR NEED:  100 Pet Rescues and Animal Shelters to participate.  

THE COST:   FREE Fundraiser Club membership to the First 50 who sign-up.  Or, $65 for the remaining rescues and shelter participants. 

HOW TO REGISTER:  Those seeking FREE Fundraiser Club Membership must rush an E-mail with "Fundraising" in the subject field to:

*** [email protected] ***

The remaining 50 can apply for membership in "Team Vinny Fundraiser Club" on the campaign site.   United States participants should apply early because a certain number of positions are being reserved for rescuers in Canada and Mexico.  So, come and join  us now!

Allen Kimble, Jr. & "Vinny the Pug" 4-Ever!

"Team Vinny Fundraiser Club", U.S.A.

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