Animals are not ours to use for entertainment. Cockfighting is a cruel, greedy, money-generating culture at the expense of an animal's life and should be put to an end.

Aside from the fact that cockfighting is a form of gambling and that it encourages irresponsibility and indifference towards the right needs of the participant's family, the animals involved are made to suffer consequences of such atrocity. We are appealing to the President of the Philippines to outlaw and penalize organizers and supporters of cockfighting in the archipelago.

We abhor the abusive treatment of animals in any form. We wish to end this unnecessary cruelty as part of our culture and heritage. Our children depend on us to reflect kindness and respect to all living beings, human or nonhuman. We want to build our culture under the banner of peace, justice and compassion. We are asking a portion of your time to listen to our plea. Thank you.

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