To Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

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To the Government of Canada PM Justin Trudeau,


Many Canadians from British Columbia to Toronto ON are experiencing a crisis situation for housing with homelessness growing at an alarming rate.

In British Columbia there was 200 homeless peoples in the Cowichan Valley Vancouver Island two years ago, now there is 2000 homeless.

In Toronto there are over 200,000 youth homeless running around on the streets, with no place to live.

Many families are living in tent camps outside city centers with no hope to find a rental home.

Many  hard working Canadians live in their vehicles or couch surfing right now.

The Rent in Vancouver & Toronto is outrageous! People work to pay rent, and many don't eat properly.

Many blue collar workers in Canada pay for the largest portion of taxes in Canada, with little to show for them by the Government of Canada. 

Canadians, families, youth and children need quality homes, without sky rocketing prices for rental units or purchase prices. 

Free trade may looking good for PM of Canada, with trade relations but Canadians are suffering for housing and rental units.

A one bedroom in Vancouver can range from 1800-2600 a month depending on the location. 

A two bedroom in Toronto is approximately 1800-4800 per month. 

Its time to assess the financial income of Canadians and adjust the rent according. Stop the sky rocketing prices for rental units across Canada. 

We, the peoples of  Canada demand action to end the sky rocketing prices across the Provinces to end the greed of property owners and care about Canadians 1st. 

Planning and preparing for any huge agreement, across any level of economy carries a huge burden on the shoulders of the Government. One is planning and preparing for the future! There was no planning or preparing for a huge migration of immigrants to Canada, pushing Canadians into a crisis situation for living and jobs.

Housing is a Human Right not a Privilege. Cap the High Costs for Rent across Canada and level out the costs to meet the average means of income for the middle and lower classes of Canada whom are the largest renters across all Provinces from the West to the Eastern Provinces. 

We, the supports want immediate action to lower the costs and force landlords and property managers to start managing properties at a level of caring for peoples; not like a machine making money. 

Canadians are Human and Desire to End Capitalism and Greed at the Cost of Human Beings becoming homeless, that have families, and those children are the future of Canada.

Discrimination ends with Capping the Crippling Costs for Housing, for the people of Canada; strategic, but hard housing planning is urgent without delay! Free Trade is hurting Canadians and its time to eliminate the discriminatory process of capitalism and personal gain, for Canada. 

With all the Canadians moving into homelessness, one day no one will be able to pay taxes. The Government will collapse, time to listen to Canadians 1st and Cap the High Rental Costs across this Country.


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