The mental and emotional delusional inclinations in a domestic violent relationship are comparative to someone on drugs. The scale of logic within the abused persons mind is broken. It is up to community to help them out.
1 out of 4 women are abused in their lifetime. 1 out of 6 are raped. Most female victims die during a pregnancy. Currently NYS court systems have made it mandatory for both parties of a domestic violence situation be present during court, directly supporting domestic abuse as defined by US Office of Domestic Violence. Currently uneducated, male officers respond to calls of domestic violence where the female is victim. This is not acceptable. Currently, children are allowed to spend unsupervised time with parents with history of domestic violence. This is not acceptable.
This cause needs a legislative voice to help stomp out the prevalence and quiet injustice within families and homes of domestic violence, increase the consequences to reverse domestic violence recidivism, hold law enforcement responsible for appropriate and efficient education and protocol when handling domestic violent situations, and hold the courts responsible for discontinuing the abuse and protecting parties in court cases where domestic violence is present.

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