Update on June 21, 2013

  • Update #21

Thank you all who have signed we are just 3003 away from our goal of 25,000 with 10 days to go. This past Monday night June 17th at 9:30 PM my protector,companion and best friend lost her life to Cancer. Sgt MWD BEYCO H100 was a Military Police Patrol/…Read More

Update on June 01, 2013

  • Update #20

4200 more signatures to reach our goal of 25,000 we run until June 30th please invite if we can get one more push from you who invite it would be appreciated so go to the Cause go to your friends list and iINVITE one more time for our Military Working Dogs…Read More

Update on May 14, 2013

  • Update #19

17 days left only need 4600 more to reach our goal and thank you for being a voice for MWD's appreciated. This Petition is nothing more than telling McCain Thank You for keeping Our MWD's Current Classification "Equipment". Won't change anything that has…Read More

Update on May 13, 2013

  • Update #18

If you don't want to receive emails please click the proper button and they will stop. As I have stated before this petition is for DOD Military Dogs Owned,& Trained by the Department Of Defense with a identifying Tattoo in their ear a "Letter and 3…Read More

Update on May 11, 2013

  • Update #17

20 Days left and 4673 more Signatures to reach our goal of 25,000 thank you Sgt Beyco and I will personally take this petition to D.C. this summer ourselves and hand deliver it to his Office. Thank you for signing and caring for MWD's.  Also our Marine Sister…Read More

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