REMEMBER TO SIGN THE WHITEHOUSE PETITION AT LINK ABOVE!!!! This Act has passed both Houses and all we need now is a swipe of a pin and History will be written. Military K9's will become Members of our Armed Service's with Honor ,Recognition, Awards, Transportation and Medical benefits, instead of being classified as equipment. This is about the K9's and all of us who care and love them need to unite and sign for the K9's. Honor them by signing now and supporting this petition and our Heroes. This is no Contest or personal accomplishment this is making ALL OUR MWD'S WINNERS. If you don't sign you are letting our Heroes down and your "VOICE IS SILENT AND NOT IMPORTANT". We need your voice!!!!! You are important to our MWD's Thanks Semper Fi And Happy Holidays!! God Bless America and our Troops 2 & 4 Legged Soldiers!!!!! Sgt Beyco a Retired USMC Military Working Dog and proud of it!!! Now Sign for my K9's!!! And Share please

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