Please sign our petition and help us find my brother a place to live. Our goal is to get the home he is currently in to give him an extention and help to find a new home. We also want the laws to be changed so that no mentally handicapped person is ever forced into homelessness.

My brother Colt is 26 year old and currently lives in East Texas. He is diagnosed with severe to profound Mental Retardation. He has the mental level of approximately a one year old, but is in an adult sized body. He is non-verbal and therefore is unable to communicate. He has cerebral palsy so he is unable to walk and uses a wheelchair. He can transfer himself in and out of the wheelchair with just a little assistance. He does not need a wheelchair lift vehicle for transport or toileting. He is on state medicaid. It has been recommended that he be in an all male facility.

The current facility (coed) feels that he would be better fit for an all male facility, so they have given a 30 day order for him to move out. They are not finding another place for him to go - he just has 30 days to be out. He is not a danger to the current residents. My sister is trying to find a place for him, but another place in the area is closing and there are 8 other people like my brother looking for a home and nowhere to go. She has called the state and they have told her since she is his legal guardian, they can drop him off at her house on the last day and just leave him with her. They aren't helping her find a new place and she doesn't know what to do.

He really is a great guy. We have taken him to the zoo and on car trips by ourselves before, but he also needs full time care like a one year old would. He has done one night stays by my sister on occasion, but there is no way she can take him home with her full time. She works full time and has to in order to pay basic bills and has two kids - one of which is just one year old. She can't provide Colt with the care he needs.

She has applied at every home she can find, but they are all full or unable to take him in for various reasons. I cannot believe that this facility is willing to just abandon him and force him into homelessness. If he is not a great fit for their home, they should work to find him a new home and then move him, but instead they are kicking him out to the streets without any effort to help him. The State of Texas says that this is perfectly legal and nothing can be done about this. The state run institutions have a several month waiting list to get him in, but he doesn't have several months.

Please share this cause with all your friends and family. Get the word out. We need the home Colt is currently in to give him an extention and help us find him a new home. My sister is working non stop trying to find a solution, and I am doing what I can from across the country.

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