Every child deserves the right to quality education.It's no fault of Northern children not to have structures in School. 

Below is an extract from the proposal written for Tinsung Primary School:  


Many efforts have been made to get a full structured classroom unit for an increasing number of pupils in the school but to no avail.  Prior to its increasing population size, it is still thriving in a confide and less ventilated classrooms made of mud. Teaching and learning is sometimes effective in the morning but becomes a problem when the sun begin to rise making classrooms unconducive for learning.

In addition, these vast number of pupils have less furniture to sit for classes. Due to this problem, four pupils are forced to use each dual desk for teaching and learning. Some classes are even left without desks and pupils are forced to sit on the bare floor.

Furthermore, teaching and learning materials is also another hindrance to the progress of the school. Our pupils are unable to understand better due to this situation. The less economic endowment of the people of Tinsung present the challenge of improper school uniforms for the wards of parent. Some students use torn cloths for school and a number walk bare footed."

The extract above provide detials of the plight of Tinsung Primary School in the Mion District on the Yendi- Gushegu road. Many communities in the district and other districts have similar or worse situation.

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