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joseph stone
joseph stone Campaign leader

Canadian jobs matter as much as our environment. Thats why the export of raw lumber makes no sense at all. Sign this petition. And put a…Read More

Raw-log exports reach all-time high: research

Times Colonist
Environmental groups and some unions are calling on the province to change its policy regarding the export of raw logs. The Ancient Forests Alliance, Sierra Club of British Columbia and the Wilderness Committee have joined with unions representing pulp and paper workers to ask the government to ban exports from old-growth forests, impose higher…Read More
joseph stone
joseph stone Campaign leader

Canada is leading the world in the destruction of untouched forests. Stoping the export of raw Canadian lumber will directly affect the our…Read More

Canada Largest Contributor To Deforestation Worldwide: Study

HuffPost Canada
Add another black mark to Canada’s environmental image around the world: The country now leads the planet in the degradation of untouched forests, according to a study from Forest Watch. Some 8 per cent of the world’s virgin forests were degraded between 2000 and 2013, according to the study. That’s 104 million acres, or an area about three…Read More
joseph stone
joseph stone Campaign leader

Why should we destroy our own forest and job market for the profits of corporations. We and the next generations will be the ones left…Read More

Opinion: Shipping raw logs out of B.C. is bleeding our forest industry and communities dry

Vancouver Sun
A bulk carrier with a shipment of export logs destined for Asia from Northern Vancouver Island. Lemare Lake Logging Ltd. Early this month, a paper mill on Vancouver Island was forced to shut down for six days because of a “lack” of raw material to run the mill. The mill, owned by Catalyst, stands at the waterfront in Port…Read More
joseph stone
joseph stone Campaign leader

Bad #business, and #bad for our #environment. #Exporting raw lumber continues to be a nightmare for all.

China’s state-owned BC logging company cheats Canadian exporter out of millions, fails to pay workers — Lawsuit

By Amy Chen, with reports from Duncan Anderson A Canadian forestry product exporter is suing one of China’s State-owned logging companies operating in British Columbia for allegedly supplying “80% rotten logs” and tricking the exporter into assuming the forestry company’s debts and tax obligations while failing to pay workers, according to a…Read More
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