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    I'm an England-based Barbadian holistic communications and education specialist, trading as Intelek…Read More

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There's that 'bigly', or in this case, 'pigly' connection again... Also note the 'carnal knowledge' + knowledge = power connection.

Harvey Weinstein's former driver reveals shocking sordid details of disgraced star's personal life

Harvey Weinstein’s former driver has made a series of shocking claims about the disgraced movie mogul in a candid new interview, revealing that Weinstein’s staff and French locals would call him ‘Le Porc’ (the pig) because of his sweaty demeanour and the way that he would grunt at women. Mickael Chemloul, 56, also opened up about how the star…Read More

Google was invited to testify before both the House and Senate intelligence committees about their sale of pro Trump ads to Russia. When…Read More

Microsoft investigates Russian pro-Trump ads

Sky News
Microsoft is investigating whether Russians bought ads on any of its products or platforms, including its Bing search engine, in an attempt to sway the US election result. A spokeswoman for Microsoft gave no further details. The move comes after rival Google said Russian operatives bought ads on YouTube, Gmail and Google Search…Read More