The pain of this great nation has gone on too long-time is here to begin to speak the TRUTH in love. The present leadership is a divider-a…Read More

Respect the Athletes Who Unite for Change

I se4ved 13 years in the us army. I believe that one reason I served was to protect the right of us citizens to state their views peacefully

Respect the Athletes Who Unite for Change

It is our constitutional right protest peacefully. That was the basis for the Civil Rights Movement, which influenced many other peaceful movements. The most important aspect of the protest is that our young people of color are being killed for no good reason and the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA etc have…Read More

Players, Coaches, and Owners of the NFL,

You are doing the right thing.

You stood up to Trump's hate. No matter where you stood on kneeling during the national anthem, you agreed that your fellow players had the right to do so. And you stood up for them.

We acknowledge it.

We praise you for…Read More

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