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Just because of aerial firing, for uncontrolled use or limits (beyond living areas or cities, at some ranges etc.), a women (mother of…Read More

Real Life Wonder Woman

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Next matter is a matter of Angela Mendoza Angel Mendoza No Yow. My name is Jacqueline Rodriguez but I was the one with the vehicle so you operating the vehicle I'm trying to recover that you expect. The queen tells me you have a gunshot wound in your wig Yes. Y'all. I just got I just got shot about like three days ago two days ago I've been back…Read More

There might be some people (even so much so models, stars etc.) who might be projecting aerial firing as cool on various media, to safe…Read More

When you fire a bullet straight up

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768,252 Followers · News & Media Website5,630,837 Followers · Media/News Company14,480,012 Followers · Publisher1,975,512 Followers · Media/News Company6,808,708 Followers · Media4,034,437 Followers · Science Website1,540,264 Followers · News & Media Website4,197,203 Followers · Magazine3,926,074 Followers · Media/News…Read More

One of a EU state is closing its plant. Now the issue of how and where to bury the deadly waste, probably other feasible measures might be…Read More

Germany is closing all its nuclear power plants. Now it must find a place to bury the deadly waste for 1 million years

Experts are now hunting for somewhere to bury almost 2,000 containers of high-level radioactive waste. The site must be beyond rock-solid, with no groundwater or earthquakes that could cause a leakage. The technological challenges -- of transporting the lethal waste, finding a material to encase it, and even communicating its existence to future…Read More

The Geopolitics of Nuclear Weapons. An old article earlier shared in a group as well…Read More

3 maps that explain the geopolitics of nuclear weapons

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North Korea has received a lot of focus due to a recent missile test and the expectation of another nuclear test. It is a poor country whose nuclear program has allowed it to punch above its weight internationally. This has also forced superpowers to approach it with great caution. Nuclear bombs are in their own category of weapon. They are…Read More
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