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Stop Sinclair's local TV takeover

Sinclair Broadcast Group, the largest owner of local TV stations in the country, wants to get even bigger.

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This deal will consolidate the local TV market in ways that squeeze out the "local" voice. It can also tend to supplant local editorial…Read More

Sinclair's Tribune Media Deal Could Alter Local TV Landscape

Sinclair Broadcast Group isn't looking to challenge Fox News' position as the leading conservative voice in cable news, but the country's largest television station operator's latest acquisition could at least trigger a major shift in the local TV news landscape. Chris Ripley, CEO of Hunt Valley, Md.-based Sinclair, told Variety in a new cover…Read More

This article provides detailed background on the issue, how it's a change from past practices and what the potential dangers are. For…Read More

How Trump's FCC aided Sinclair's expansion

Sinclair Broadcast Group is expanding its conservative-leaning television empire into nearly three-quarters of American households — but its aggressive takeover of the airwaves wouldn’t have been possible without help from President Donald Trump's chief at the Federal Communications Commission. Sinclair, already the nation’s largest TV…Read More

Sinclair is forcing its owned and operated stations to carry right wing political stories, disguised as news during their 10CT/11ET and…Read More

Sinclair Broadcasting – and 2 Maine TV stations – under fire for pro-Trump segments - Portland Press Herald

Press Herald
Marc McCutcheon of South Portland was watching WGME’s evening newscast as he has for half a century when something came on that shocked him. In the midst of the local news, a taped commentary from President Trump’s former special assistant Boris Epshteyn appeared on the screen, trumpeting the administration’s position with what he thought…Read More
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