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Overhaul the Election System Including Campaign Finance

The 2016 election was marked by election fraud and obscene amounts of money. This system is no longer sustainable.

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    Writer, activist, one of the founding members of #BecomeUngovernable. Our goal is to reach, educate…Read More

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Deb Della Piana
Deb Della Piana Campaign leader

This article takes the perspective that we shouldn't even be talking about who is running in 2018 or 2020 because we haven't addressed the…Read More

Why we shouldn't even be asking who is running for president in 2020

The Great Democratic Herding of 2017 is underway, with Bernie Sanders at the helm as Chief Shepherd. In spite of the fact that the Democrats lost, and badly, on all levels – local, state and national – the Democrats have chosen to blame everyone but themselves for their loss. After going through a laundry list of those at fault – from Bernie…Read More