Have you ever experienced claustrophobia? Or even

the state of having discomfort and being incapable of adjusting yourself? Imagine your limbs being pressed tightly against your body, as if you were wearing a straitjacket. As you remain in your straitjacket you are given a minimum amount of food and water for your body to feel nourished but a large amount of hormones in order to boost your growth substantially. You are held in a dark tin shed which has absolutely no insulation thus making a day strenuous and enervating whilst having to stand up. This is the living conditions that farm animals must face during their short lives before being welcomed to their death. We would like the world to focus on removing the unfair treatment of factory farm animals and also reduce the death toll cause by factory farming by 50% by 2025.

Every year, over 56 billion animals are slaughtered purely for human consumption, this statistic doesn’t even include our fish and various sea creatures which we choose to devour. Approximately two-thirds of the worlds meat production is through factory farming. Factory Farms consist of workers abusing, mutilating and slaughtering animals, showing no care for any animal comfort. Under the current laws of factory farming in some countries, animals that are born within factory farms are classified as ‘property.’ That means that they are unable to be protected by any laws surrounding animal cruelty that animals like cats and dogs receive. If it was 56 billion cats and dogs being slaughtered each year surely there’d be consequences. If farm animals were added to the current laws for pets then majority of factory famers would be charged with murder and would face prison.

Pigs are held within gestation crates for their painful lives, standard size crates measure 2m x 60cm. They are unable to turn around and have minimum movement, and to make that worse majority of them receive open sores and without a doubt start to lose their mind. Sows are taken from their gestation crates, impregnated forcibly and then wedged back in throughout their pregnancy. When they are due to deliver their piglets they remain withheld and lying down in the gestation crates. Male piglets are often castrated without any painkillers which can induce vomiting and trembling. They also have their tails and teeth clipped without anaesthetics which can cause weeks of pain. Other factory farm animals have an equally painful life if not worse. Originally farms were open for farm animals to roam freely and grow at their naturally intended speed, nowadays farm animals are held in enormous sheds in order to reduce the amount of land needed to raise them but it comes at the price of creating prolonged depression for the animals. Reverting back to a natural and open farm would allow farm animals to live a happy life they deserve prior to their slaughter.

Spreading disease is an issue that seems to be well prevented by humans, we have multiple tactics to reduce each disease we are faced with. But when it comes to animals within factory farms they are not nurtured for the time they are trapped inside. Some animals can be withheld in crates, pens and sheds that show a lack of health & safety standards. Cramming a high amount of animals within a confined space creates an extremely higher chance of spreading diseases among themselves. Encaging so many animals within a small area creates an extremely toxic amount of methane, visitors of factory farms report that the smell of faeces is so intense that they can’t withstand the smell for more than 5 minutes. In the U.S. alone, animals raised on factory farms generate more than 1 million tons of manure per day — three times the amount generated by the country’s human population. An alarming amount of faeces is created each day but factory farm animals but where does all that manure go? Inside a cesspool of course, lakes of sewage water are created not too far away from each shed since it is a cheaper way to remove manure and when it gets full they can expand the lake to fill more space. The outcome from confined animal storage and further lagoon usage will indefinitely result in creating a less healthy environment due to increased sickness and emitting more emissions which poisons our air supply.

In order to achieve our goal of reducing the death toll cause by factory farming by 50% by 2025 we must create laws that protect farm animals the same way as they protect house pets from murder and mistreatment. We must then enforce these laws and give strict consequences to those who continue mass breeding of farm animals for consumption by humans. Failure to reduce factory farming will result in increased torture and culling of animals and a major increase of pollution within our atmosphere. Next time you’re grocery shopping, think about the facts of how farm animals are commonly treated and if there’s free range products, don’t hesitate to choose them over regular products.

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