Factory farming is an issue that happens
worldwide. Factory farming is a method of food production that is highly intensive. Factory farming Is a short term mass production of livestock, this is done to provide food to consumers at a cheaper rate and a lot faster.

All across the world every year 10 billion animals are tortured and killed each yeah in factory farming alone. There is factory farming going on all over the world and there can be thousands of animals in tight cages and horrible living conditions. In the factory farms the animals are fed just corn, wheat and soy. the factory farmers feed the animals these foods in such high quantities so they gain weight quickly. The farmers also give the animals illegal steroids so the animals gain weight at a dangerously fast rate.

When animals are living in a factory there whole life it’s not very pleasant, clean or long at all. 

The life that animals are living in factory farming is very unfair, cruel and dangerous. When animals are living in factory’s they are treated extremely cruelly. Some actions that happen for an example is that ducks beaks get burnt off and also rams horns are cut off. Also bulls are de-sexed. These sort of activities are done at a young age of the animals like. This is done to reduce fighting and aggression in the factory.

All of the activity’s that happen in the factory farms hurt the animals a lot. When these activities happen to animals its done without any antiseptic and puts the animal through a massive amount of pain. After these activities are done the animals wounds get infected easily due to the very poor living conditions. Apart from the animals living in poor conditions and having poor quality lives the pollution from factory farming is also very bad for everybody health and the environment.

My second reason for my research is the pollution from the factory farms. Animals that are raised in factory farms use approximately 130 times more waste than the entire human population combined. It is incredible difficult to keep the massive factory’s clean without using a massive amount of water. When factory farms are getting cleaned the cleaners have to use a massive amount of water to wash away all the animal faeces and food scraps. Over time a lot of dirty water and animal faeces surrounds the factory farms. This creates cesspools. The cesspools create a large amount of pollution from the manure in them. The large amount of greenhouse gasses in the one area is very dangerous for our environment. As you can see factory farming isn’t just harming animals but also affecting everybody else due to the mass amount of population.

In order for things to change some things need to be stopped. Factory farming is a global issue that needs to be stopped as soon as possible. You can help stop factory farming by not buying factory farmed goods. This will reduce the sales on factory farmed goods and slowly make the bussineses run out of business if a large amount of the world does it. Reducing factory farms will give lots of farm animal’s better lives and also everybody else in the world because your earth will be much healthier.

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