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morgan sennett
morgan sennett Campaign leader

This article is about what happens inside factory farms and how the animals that are factory farmed are treated. The purpose of this…Read More

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Scott Olson / Getty ImagesHogs are raised on a farm in Elma, Iowa If you eat meat, the odds are high that you've enjoyed a meal made from an animal raised on a factory farm (also known as a CAFO). According to the USDA, 2% of U.S. livestock facilities raise an estimated 40% of all farm animals. This means that pigs, chickens and cows are…Read More
morgan sennett
morgan sennett Campaign leader

this article is written by a lady and she is telling the reader the dark truths about factory farming. She goes into detail about the poor…Read More

Animal Cruelty Is the Price We Pay for Cheap Meat | Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone Magazine
Sarah, who grew up in a West Coast household busy with pets of all kinds – birds, hamsters, a dog, a ferret, even a python – got a BS in zoology, interned at a big-cat rescue and worked for a while at a zoo. But conflicted about caring for captive animals, she moved on to a sanctuary for rescued primates: spider monkeys, marmosets and such,…Read More
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