Statistically up to 33,000

elephants were killed between 2010 and 2012. These elephants were brutally murdered just for their tusks. The elephant’s tusks are made out of ivory and is mostly bought in China for medicinal purposes, even though it has been proven that the ivory has the same effect as finger nails. I want to end the sale of ivory and end ivory poaching, doing this is important as it will increase the wellbeing of elephant herds and the eco system.

Elephants are crucial to the eco system because their footprints when it rains, is filled with water so small animals can drink out of it. Their faeces acts as a fertilizer which helps to grow the plants and trees that is needed for other animals to live, such as giraffes and buck. The birds feed off the dung, which helps to rejuvenate the ground which helps to populate animals.

There is a big impact on the family structure of an elephant herd if the poachers kill the elephants. The bull is mainly killed out of all the elephants as he has the most ivory. If the bull, who protects the family, is killed for his massive amounts of ivory, he is unable to protect his herd and they are at risk of being killed too. If the elephant population is killed beyond being able to recover then effects not only the elephant family but the entire elephant population.

There is a huge risk for the people who protect the hunted elephants that they are in danger of getting killed. Gangs of poachers use weapons that are even used in war, like sub machine guns, night vison goggles and even helicopters. Using these weapons they can kill up to 100 elephants a day. But not just the elephants have died at poaching, in the last decade up to one thousand rangers have died while protecting the elephants from the poachers.

The blood money received from poaching elephants has been tracked back to funding terrorism. Groups like Al-qaeda and ISIS are approximately worth $23 Billion. The consequences of terrorism around the world is self-evident with such recent attacks in France, England, USA and the Middle East. If we stop ivory poaching it will start the ripple effect of stopping terrorism funding around the world.

Killing elephants is very bad because their population is under threat, especially Asian elephant where their ivory tusks highly sort after. Killing elephants is very bad because the eco system can fall apart like falling ice from a melting ice shelf, so elephants must be protected and saved. Killing elephants is very bad because the people that protect the elephants have the potential to be killed themselves by poachers. Killing elephants is very bad because if funds terrorism groups which has the rippling effect around the world. STOP killing elephants.

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